Top 100 Chinese Common Name for Boys

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Posted on July 27 2022

If you are a Chinese culture lover, want to have a Chinese name or want to pick a Chinese name for your child, this article will help you.

Chinese name includes a surname and a given name. The surname comes first and the given name comes second. Most surnames have only one Chinese character. A few have two characters. Most names have two characters, some have one character, and occasionally three characters are used. Chinese name= family name + given name. The article is mainly about Chinese names for boys, if you are looking for Chinese names for girls, you can check our previous articles.

Table of Content

  • Notes on taking a Chinese name

  • How to get a good Chinese name for boys?

  • Top 100 Chinese Common Name for Boys

Notes on taking a Chinese name for boys

What to pay attention to in Chinese names for boys:

  1. Try to avoid the appearance of harmonics.

Parents must pay attention to avoiding harmonics in the name of their child to avoid bringing trouble to the child's future life, study and work. When you finish giving your child's name, you can read it a few times, so you can better find the harmonies.

  1. Pay attention to the meaning of the words used in the name.

Many parents will look for some naming methods on the Internet and use the wrong word without understanding the meaning of the word. If you want to find the right word, you better need to determine the specific meaning of the word.

  1. No gender differentiation.

Many parents, because they like a certain word so much, sometimes do not care about the gender of their children. This is very bad in the name, parents can not only according to their own preferences to give their children's names. Otherwise, there is a high risk of male names for women, or female names for men. This will have a bad impact on the psychology of their children, their children are easy to be ridiculed.

  1. The name is full of childishness.

A good name can not be too childish, there are names in the child is still small when called will make people feel cute, there is no problem. But when a person grows up, or after people reach middle age, if the name is too childish, it is likely to make people feel uncomfortable, and will also look petty, will give people a feeling of immaturity.

Chinese naming method:

1、Naming combined with parents' surname

Combining the parents' surname is a way to make the name unique and meaningful as a whole, and it also shows the love between the parents. At the same time, they see it as a sign of gratitude to their mother as well as a reflection of family harmony. As a common form of showing family harmony, mommy and me clothing is loved by many parents. So, when you give a meaningful name to a boy, when the mother's surname is well combined, then this method is worth applying for everyone.

2、According to the child's birth scene

For example, if the child was born in summer, the child's name can be related to summer. Such a way is not only commemorative, but also a way to express love.

3、Naming with the help of parents' expectation

Parents' expectations for their children, the use of the name to reflect, is also a meaning. And not only let the name meet the parents' heart accident, but also highlight the uniqueness of the name and meet the boy's personality characteristics.

How to get a good Chinese name for boys?

A good Chinese name for boys needs to meet the following three conditions:

1、Chinese names should have a sense of rhythm

To name a boy, if you want it to sound good, you need to avoid using the same tone of the Chinese characters combined into a name, so that the reading gives a bland, undulating impression. If all the characters used in the name have different tones, no matter what the combination is, it gives a rhythmical and musical impression. In line with the beauty of Chinese literature in the intonation, give people a catchy, pleasant feeling, so is a good boy's name.

2, Chinese name word sound to be loud

To name a boy, most of the boys need to meet the masculine, atmospheric image characteristics, so it will be some of its pronunciation loud and beautiful name. Parents must pay attention when choosing words for boys' names, choosing a loud name can highlight the boy's masculine character, in line with the boy's natural image characteristics. Prioritizing the choice of loud Chinese characters for the name is one of the key points to give boys a good name.

3, Reference to beautiful things to name better

If you do not want to make the boy's name and others too repetitive, but also want to good moral, you can choose some nice words, with the same word sound, good moral Chinese characters to replace, so that both in line with the boy's name sound conditions, but also to give the boy a good name with deep meaning.

Top 100 Chinese Common Name for Boys

Whether a boy's name sounds good or not depends on its own sense of rhyme and rhythm and the impression it brings to people.


  1. 昂(áng),风(fēng):Meaning "imposing"
  2. 邦(bāng):It means "governing the country"
  3. 秉(bǐng):Means "inheritance, mastery"
  4. 博():Meaning "extensive and specialized"
  5. 才(cái):It means "Talentedand handsome"
  6. 昌(chāng):Meaning "prosperity"
  7. 畅(chàng):It means "understanding, unobstructed".
  8. 超(chāo)、越(yuè):It means "not to be left behind, to catch up"
  9. 诚(chéng):It means "loyalty, sincerity and honesty".
  10. 承(chéng):It means "to bear"
  11. 斯():The name means "gentleman".
  12. 瑜():As a personal name, it means beautiful, dazzling and talented.
  13. 睿(ruì):The meaning of the character is "to reach the deepest understanding", which is extended to mean wisdom. It is an elegant and cultured character.
  14. 彬(bīn):refined in manner
  15. 浩(hào):It means bright and open-minded, broad-minded. Used as a personal name means justice, courage, freshness and handsomeness.
  16. 凯(kǎi):As the name of a person, it shows the meaning of being outstanding and excellent.
  17. 煜():The original meaning refers to kindness, and the implication is glorious and splendid, rich in meaning and extremely congenial.
  18. 硕(shuò):The original meaning has the meaning of greatness and harvest. Used as a personal name, it has the meaning of wishing for greatness and career success.
  19. 曦():It means light, glory, hope and brightness. People with this name are enthusiastic, optimistic, intelligent, sensible and creative.
  20. 元(yuán):In Chinese names, it generally means honorable, prominent, upright, auspicious, etc. It means righteousness, talent and wisdom.
  21. 澄(chéng):Meaning "clarity of both inside and outside"
  22. 永(yǒng):It means "persistent and never-ending".
  23. 憧(chōng):Meaning "full of hope"
  24. 道(dào):Meaning "Pursuit of the Way"
  25. 德():Means "perfect merit", "moral"
  26. 栋(dòng):It means "the pillar of the nation".
  27. 独():Meaning "Maverick, different"
  28. 奋(fèn):The meaning is "to develop and strengthen"
  29. 瀚(hàn):Meaning "vastness and boundlessness"
  30. 豪(háo)、宏(hóng):It means "bold, grand and boundless".
  31. 瑞(ruì):The overall meaning is auspicious, and parents will pursue auspicious and good meaning words when naming their children. The name means auspiciousness, bountiful grains and longevity.
  32. 晟(shèng):Prosperity, prosperity, brightness
  33. 松(sōng):Connotation is rich and describes integrity
  34. 翰(hàn):Learned, knowledgeable and persevering. A person with this name is cheerful, upright, talented and ambitious.
  35. 谦(qiān):It means cultivated, modest, and of high moral character.
  36. 逸():It means transcendence, comfort and ease, leisure and unrestrained.
  37. 骏(jùn):It means excellence, the pursuit of perfection, natural intelligence and outstanding talent.
  38. 辉(huī):It means glory, success and outstanding merit.
  39. 茂(mào):It means that the person has a wide range of knowledge, talent and virtue, and a beautiful meaning. People with this name are strong in life, independent, daring, wise and strategic.
  40. 纶(lún):It means "grand", "dignified" and "heroic".
  41. 和():It means "peace, peace, harmony, and harmony".
  42. 恒(héng):It means "perseverance".
  43. 鸿(hóng)、焕(huàn):It means "high aspirations".
  44. 济():It means "to help the world".
  45. 继():The meaning of "to continue and to open up"
  46. 家(jiā):It means "family and everything is prosperous, family and wealth".
  47. 健(jiàn):It means "strong, healthy and fit".
  48. 进(jìn):It means "pursuing upward progress and getting higher day by day".
  49. 敬(jìng):It means "respect, reverence and concentration".
  50. 决(jué)、意()、劲(jìn):It means "determination and decisiveness".
  51. 俊(jùn):It means "talent, handsome".
  52. 西():It means kindness, compassion, peace, dignity and authority.
  53. 辞():It means bright and open, energetic, enthusiastic and bold, seeking new and changeable, with a clear idea of money and high alertness.
  54. 信(xìn):It means reasoning, understanding, piety, honesty and faithfulness.
  55. 伦(lún):It means reason, justice, excellence, knowledge, wealth and honor.
  56. 泽():It means luster, moisten, beneficence, favor, benevolent action. The character Ze is of the five elements of water and is used as a personal name meaning auspiciousness and kindness.
  57. 鑫(xīn):Generally refers to the meaning of gold and prosperity. The character Xin has the meaning of gold and is used as a personal name to mean wealth, prosperity and wealthy.
  58. 轩(xuān):Used as a person's name to mean tall, handsome and uncommon.
  59. 宇():Describe the manners of the person, the instrument, such as the meaning of imposing, beautiful, etc. It means generosity, atmosphere, good looks and handsome.
  60. 涵(hán):Used as a personal name to mean connotation, cultivation, connotation and tolerance.
  61. 空(kōng):It means "free and unrestrained personality".
  62. 朗(lǎng):It means "cheerful, bright and clear".
  63. 力():It means "strong and powerful".
  64. 亮(liàng):It means "light is ahead".
  65. 民(mín):It means "ordinary".
  66. 清(qīng):It means "clarity, cleanliness, nobility and tranquility".
  67. 仁(rén):It means "benevolence and morality".
  68. 韧(rèn):It means "perseverance".
  69. 山(shān):It means "tall and sturdy".
  70. 尚(shàng):It means "revered and noble".
  71. 祺():It indicates happiness and good fortune.
  72. 赫():The original meaning is obvious, remarkable and grand, which is derived from the meaning of brightness and prosperity. It means the baby has a bright future and a promising future.
  73. 以():It can refer to a boy with a sense of responsibility.
  74. 程(chéng):As a boy's name, it means that the boy will have a great future.
  75. 星(xīng):The name means bright, beautiful, dazzling and outstanding.
  76. 原(yuán):The name is used to mean tolerance, simplicity and authenticity
  77. 彦(yàn):The original meaning is sage and talented, used as a boy's name means outstanding, clean, auspicious and successful
  78. 诺(nuò):The meaning of the word has the meaning of promise and commitment, used as a boy's name means honesty, keeping one's word and being careful with one's words
  79. 晨(chén):It refers to the rising of the sun, the bright future, and the vigor. Used as a personal name means: hope, vitality, cheerfulness, warmth.
  80. 华(huá):The meaning of the word has the meaning of brilliance, elite, prosperity, etc. It is used in boys' names to indicate young talent, young and promising
  81. 绍(shào):It means "rich and long".
  82. 深(shēn):It means "knowledgeable and profound".
  83. 世(shì):It means "to save the world and to make the world safe".
  84. 授(shòu):It means "success, acceptance".
  85. 帅(shuài):It means "dashing and commanding".
  86. 顺(shùn):It means "smooth and calm".
  87. 陶(táo):It means "inculcation".
  88. 庭(tíng):It means "family happiness and peace".
  89. 挺(tǐng)、昆(kūn)、柏(bǎi):It means "upright and unyielding".
  90. 威(wēi):It means "mighty and majestic".
  91. 伟(wěi)、高(gāo):It means "tall, grand and majestic".
  92. 烁(shuò):Used as a personal name, it means brightness, splendor and brilliance. It means outstanding talent, outstanding life, outstanding fame.
  93. 铭(míng):Used as a personal name to mean knowledgeable, talented and outstanding.
  94. 皓(hào):The word means white and bright, and is used to name a boy with a sunny and energetic connotation.
  95. 晗(hán):It means welcoming the beautiful morning, giving hope, expressing the sunny and cheerful character of the boy, and also metaphorically expressing the poised side of the boy.
  96. 锦(jǐn):As a boy's name, it means the boy will have a prosperous future
  97. 旭():The rising sun signifies that the boy will become an outstanding contributor in the future
  98. 哲(zhé):The meaning of the word is "knowledgeable" and "wisdom", which can imply that the boy is knowledgeable and rich in knowledge.
  99. 霖(lín):It has the meaning of nourishing rain and dew, which can mean that the boy will gather the aura of the earth and achieve extraordinary career.
  100. 康(kāng):This name means abundance, health and peace.

The birth of a new baby in the family is a very good event, the parents must be the most happy. While parents are happy with the name, they should not forget to prepare other gifts for their children. During pregnancy, you can look for quality wholesale kid's clothes websites to buy the right clothes for your child.

A child brings new hope to a family. Parents do their best to be good to their children, including the matter of naming the baby, parents also spend a lot of time and effort. The article gives you some information about naming, I hope it can help you.



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