Top 100 Chinese Beautify Name for Girls

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Posted on July 08 2022

  • Composition of Chinese Name
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  • Top 100 Chinese Beautify Name for Girls

Composition of Chinese Name

Chinese name= family name + given name. Chinese name includes a surname and a given name. The surname comes first and the given name comes second. Most surnames have only one Chinese character. A few have two characters. Most names have two characters, some have one character, and occasionally three characters are used.

The Chinese "surname" (family name) comes first when written, in contrast to the order of Western names. There are about 2,000 Chinese surnames in use today, but about half of the Han Chinese population has the same 19 surnames. The most common surnames are 王 (Wáng) and李 (Lǐ). Among the top 10 most common Chinese surnames, the next 8 surnames are 张 (Zhāng), 刘 (Liú), 陈 (Chén), 杨 (Yáng), 黄 (Huáng), 赵 (Zhào), 吴 (Wú) and 周 (Zhōu).

Almost all Chinese given names are composed of one, two or three Chinese characters that are written after the surname. By far, two-character names are the most popular for most Chinese. Very few people have names with three characters. Some of them have their mother's surname as the first character of their name. They believe that this is an expression of gratitude to the mother, but also a manifestation of family harmony. As a common form of showing family harmony, mommy and me clothing is loved by more and more young parents. Chinese names have many taboos. One of them is using the name of an old relative or just copying the name of a famous person or star. A son cannot have the same name as his father. There are some Chinese will choose an suitable name based on a comprehensive evaluation of the child's birth date and other information.

Chinese name source of girls

Most of the Chinese names for girls contain feminine meaning and softness. It is clearly expressed in the sound, meaning and shape of the name, giving a feeling of freshness, gentleness, voluptuousness and beauty, or it is directly related to women and their character, or it is associated with those beautiful landscapes, bright colors, precious things and other objects in nature. These Chinese names mainly come from the following three sources:

  1. Adopt beautiful scenery in nature. The beauty of nature can be found everywhere, such as plum blossoms, orchids, chrysanthemums, etc. among plants.
  2. Referring to literary allusions is a very popular way of naming. Names that are rich in cultural connotations tend to make people feel talented and dignified.
  3. Girls can also choose unisex or even masculine Chinese characters. Parents expecting their daughters to be straightforward and atmospheric tend to choose these characters.

Top 100 Chinese Beautify Name for Girls

As parents, we love our children and want to give them the best things in the world. In China, names are regarded as one of the most precious gifts parents give their children.Of course, a comfortable children's clothing can also be an excellent gift. You can wholesale kid's clothes and choose high quality clothing for your child. They believe that a good name can have a profound effect on a child. Therefore, many Chinese parents want to give their children a nice and meaningful name. Let's learn about 100 common Chinese names for girls and their meanings, and then choose one or two characters to combine to give your girl a beautiful name.

  1. 佳(Jiā):Beautiful, outstanding.
  2. 慧(Huì):It indicates intelligence, spirituality and talent.
  3. 乐(Lè):Joyful, pleasant.
  4. 萌(Méng):The original meaning is that the plant growth is just starting to sprout. It has the blessing of starting a good life.
  5. 敏(Mǐn):Fast, flexible and swift, it also means smart.
  6. 娜(Nà):It refers to a graceful figure, with the meaning of softness and gracefulness.
  7. 宁(Níng):Safety and quiet.
  8. 琳(Lín):It is a beautiful jade of green color and has the meaning of being as valuable as a precious stone.
  9. 玲(Líng):It refers to the crisp sound made by the collision of precious stones and is used as a name with a bright, beautiful blessing.
  10. 萍(Píng):Soft, natural and intimate.
  11. 倩(Qiàn):It indicates the appearance of smiling and is mostly used to indicate a beautiful woman.
  12. 婷(Tíng):It has the meaning of beautiful and pretty, and is also used to describe elegant
  13. 彤(Tóng):It symbolizes red color, hope and the rising sun.
  14. 雯(Wén):Refers to clouds in a pattern
  15. 欣(Xīn):Happy, lush, like
  16. 馨(Xīn):A fragrance that spreads far and wide
  17. 雅(Yǎ):Elegant, upright, beautiful
  18. 嫣(Yān):Mostly used to describe smiling and looking good
  19. 怡(Yí):Comfortable and happy
  20. 颖(Yǐng):Top or smart outstanding people
  21. 珊(Shān):Symbol of precious beauty
  22. 洁(Jié):Clean, meaning having pure, kind, noble and selfless qualities
  23. 楚(Chǔ):Clear, neat, lush
  24. 姿(Zī):Describe the girl's appearance and form beautiful
  25. 子(Zǐ):Son or child. In ancient China it refers to a learned and virtuous person.
  26. 美(Měi):When referring to a person, it means a person who is outstanding in appearance, talent, voice, quality, etc.
  27. 嘉(Jiā):It has the meaning of "goodness, beauty, approval and happiness", and is a very good character.
  28. 娇(Jiāo):Describe the girl gentle, beautiful and colorful
  29. 诗(Shī):multi-talented and versatile
  30. 涵(Hán):Means tolerance, kindness
  31. 清(Qīng):Refers to purity and transparency, clarity of speech and thought
  32. 丹(Dān):Symbolizing sincerity, faithfulness, sincerity of heart, loyalty, etc.
  33. 淑(Shū):Indicates a woman's beauty in appearance and kindness
  34. 琪(Qí):Beautiful and precious jade
  35. 小(Xiǎo):Means young, also has the meaning of subtle. The human name means small and cute, attentive and caring.
  36. 璐(Lù):The original meaning is beautiful jade, precious, lustrous. Used in girls' names, it generally means shining, graceful and noble, like a flower and jade.
  37. 丽(Lì):Pretty, beautiful. Describe the woman charming and beautiful; also has the meaning of gorgeous, describing literary talent
  38. 熙(Xī):It refers to brightness, rise, warmth. It can be used by both boys and girls and refers to cheerful and confident character.
  39. 露(Lù):Dew, with the meaning of freshness and elegance
  40. 舒(Shū):The meaning of stretching and relaxing is comfortable. It means that the child is carefree, comfortable, peaceful and happy.
  41. 顺(Shùn):Used as a personal name, it has the meaning of gentle and smooth, hoping that the child will have a smooth life.
  42. 禾(Hé):Symbol of good luck, help and blessing from heaven
  43. 霓(Ní):The name of the person means splendid and brilliant, shining
  44. 锦(Jǐn):A symbol of flowering and colorful life
  45. 凝(Níng):Describe the white skin, beautiful, temperament, charming appearance
  46. 文(Wén):Educated, knowledgeable and elegant
  47. 慕(Mù):Popular and highly favored
  48. 忻(Xīn):To enlighten, to inspire; to see clearly. Used as a person's name to mean perceptive, cheerful, delicate
  49. 颜(Yán):Beautiful and youthful in appearance. Used as a personal name to mean gentle, kind and friendly, beautiful
  50. 柏(Bǎi):An evergreen tree with the meaning of carefulness, strength and new prosperity
  51. 容(Róng):Inclusive, relaxed, joyful and auspicious
  52. 梓(Zī):A deciduous tree. Used as a person's name means vigorous, strong,thriving
  53. 莹(Yíng):A gem like jade, with preciousness, purity, and wisdom
  54. 丝(Sī):The silkworm spits out something like a thread. Used as a person's name to refer to concentration, attentiveness, carefulness
  55. 恬(Tián):Refers to quietness, restfulness, peace, openness
  56. 歆(Xīn):Generally means to love, envy, rejoice. It has the meaning of joy, palmistry, adoration
  57. 蕾(Lěi):The budding flower, flower bones. Indicates gentle, quiet, beautiful
  58. 婉(Wǎn):Soft, gentle, wonderful
  59. 妙(Miào):Quirky, youthful, intelligent, outstanding
  60. 贤(Xián):Refers to a virtuous and talented person, kind, wise, outstanding
  61. 仪(Yí):Quiet and decent, elegant demeanor
  62. 萱(Xuān):It indicates that the girl is as elegant and beautiful as vanilla, reflecting the girl's elegant temperament
  63. 玫(Méi):Finger roses, beautiful and moving
  64. 凤(Fèng):Finger Phoenix, expecting the girl to have a good future
  65. 思(Sī):Quick thinking, sensitive and active
  66. 兰(Lán):Orchid, means the girl's temperament is quiet, high character
  67. 稚(Zhì):childish and tender. Innocence
  68. 希(Xī):Precious treasures, or hope
  69. 芸(Yún):A kind of herb, which means high quality, elegance and vitality
  70. 书(Shū):Well-educated, intelligent, and literate
  71. 娴(Xián):Behave quietly, have education and etiquette, fall generously
  72. 霏(Fēi):Describe the rain, snow, smoke, clouds very dense appearance, with a hazy sense of beauty
  73. 语(Yǔ):Agile, eloquent and eloquent. means lively and cheerful, articulate and eloquent
  74. 琴(Qín):A musical instrument. Talented and capable when used as a person's name
  75. 可(Kě):Kind, beautiful, desirable
  76. 翊(Yì):Helping out and being kind-hearted
  77. 琦(Qí):Beautiful, special, rare
  78. 芳(Fāng):Good moral character, flowery appearance
  79. 薇(Wēi):A kind of plant. Strong, sincere, beautiful, elegant
  80. 童(Tóng):Innocence, kindness, joy
  81. 冉(Rǎn):Gentle, kind, respectful
  82. 惜(Xī):Careful, considerate and affectionate
  83. 岚(Lán):Wise, atmospheric and profound
  84. 笑(Xiào):Laughing and happy, cheerful personality
  85. 诺(Nuò):Integrity, keeping promises
  86. 谨(Jǐn):Conscientious, polite and careful
  87. 辰(Chén):Hope, ideal, good luck
  88. 颖(Yǐng):Wise, in touch, talented
  89. 黎(Lí):Calm, knowledgeable
  90. 珺(Jūn):The beautiful jade is flawless, as pure as jade.
  91. 玥(Yuè):Respectful, auspicious, and of good character
  92. 念(Niàn):Fine minded and affectionate
  93. 雪(Xuě):Snowflake, used as a person's name, has the meaning of ice-clear, ice-clever
  94. 云(Yún):Clouds, with the blessing of a flight to the sky, straight to the clouds
  95. 爽(Shuǎng):Bright, straightforward, crisp
  96. 瑶(Yáo):Well-being and beauty, life is beautiful
  97. 珂(Kē):Flawlessly white and ice-clean
  98. 芝(Zhī):A kind of herb, beautiful and long-lived, magnificent and extraordinary
  99. 乔(Qiáo):Healthy, resilient, stable
  100. 晴(Qíng):Sunshine, sunny, bless the child's personality lively and cheerful




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