TOP 5 Best selling wholesale baby clothes of 2021

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Posted on January 26 2021

Children's skin is sensitive, so the material of children's clothing should be healthy and skin friendly cotton fabric, light color and soft color is better, and the style should be loose and easy to wear one-piece clothes and split suits. So, which children's clothing is good? Next, we recommend the 2021 top ten popular children's clothing list. This list is supported by the CNPP big data platform. By systematically sorting out the products of the major e-commerce platforms, this list is based on the style and style, fabric material, applicable season, price grade, popularity and sales volume, brand awareness, Hukou stele evaluation and other strength data reference resources.


TOP 5. wholesale baby onesies

 wholesale baby onesies
Baby one is that every parent will buy it for the newborn baby. Generally speaking, if the baby is still young and needs to use diapers, then it is a better choice to wear jumpsuit. It's better to wear underwear for your baby. It's not only healthier for your baby, but also more comfortable. When the baby is too young, there is no waist and a big stomach. If you wear split elastic pants, if the elastic belt is too tight, it is easy to strangle the baby's stomach, so it is recommended to wear conjoined clothes for the baby.
In addition, many doctors suggest that the baby wear jumpsuit, so that the baby is not easy to catch cold during the day or at night. Baby in the early stage of growth and development, very delicate, this time is not suitable for the baby to wear too complex clothes, light good-looking is useless, to make the baby comfortable. Siamese pants should choose the kind whose crotch can be opened. In this way, it's also convenient to change the baby's diaper, and you don't need to change a diaper to take off the clothes and pants. In addition, to the baby to wear one-piece pants must choose to wear cotton, before wearing must be soaked in water for a few days, and then neutral detergent cleaning, try to remove the chemical composition.


TOP 4. children's jeans wholesale

hildren's jeans wholesale

Whether adults or children, jeans are a fashion symbol, almost everyone has jeans. Casual, versatile jeans are the most prominent features, and jeans are not easy to rot, a pair of jeans can wear for several years. Young parents always like to dress up their babies in beautiful pants, so how can they get less jeans? Compared with those stereotyped baby clothes, baby wearing jeans instantly become a few grades of moisture.


TOP 3. wholesale girls dresses

wholesale girls dresses

The dress has the characteristics of simple and cool, and more lady style. In order to meet the needs of consumers, most companies have designed a variety of girls' dresses.
The main styles of girls' dresses are vest skirt, dress skirt, princess skirt, suspender skirt, denim dress, straight skirt, A-line skirt and so on. The top of the vest skirt is a vest like top, and the bottom is connected with the skirt, which is convenient to wear, beautiful and practical. It is an ideal clothing in spring and autumn. The dress skirt is generally designed with low shoulder collar, wide skirt, skirt length and ankle. The princess skirt has a fit upper body, slightly wide hem and no waist seam. The suspender skirt generally has a section of chest and back protection material above the waist. It is cool and comfortable to wear in midsummer; denim dress is characterized by its durable fabric and washability; straight skirt has the same thickness of bust, waist and skirt circumference, forming a straight tube shape; the side seam of A-shape skirt extends frombust to skirt bottom, which looks like A-shape, with a natural, lively and youthful style.


TOP 2. wholesale baby vests

wholesale baby vests

Spring is coming, all things recover, the day is clear, the wind is free and easy, the heart is happy. Spring is coming. Where shall we go? A vest, protect a small body, but does not hinder the small hand waving. Bright color, warm touch, is the warmth of spring, is the tender hands to protect, is the joy of gladness. The baby vest can release the baby's hands when they are active and play freely without being bound by clothes. Vest has good warmth retention, easy to wear and take off, can keep the baby at the most suitable temperature, not easy to get sick.


TOP 1. kids tracksuits wholesale

 kids tracksuits wholesale

kids tracksuit is mainly comfortable and loose, which provides more space for children's activities, including sports pants, sweater, sports suit, T-shirt, etc. it can be matched with sports shoes, which is suitable for children to play, run and jump at ordinary times. The survey shows that children go out to play most frequently in summer, and about 80% of them take part in outdoor activities every day or every other day. Parents are most worried and vexed about the summer sports problem is the child's skin sunburn, sweating is not timely, easy to catch a cold and cover sweat stink. The best solution is to choose professional sportswear with quick drying and perspiration function for children, so that children can wear comfortable, breathable and perspiration, and avoid catching cold. For children to buy sportswear, it is best to buy pure cotton material sportswear. This kind of pure cotton material has a protective effect on children's skin, is not allergic, and is easy to ventilate. And pure cotton material is easy to absorb water and sweat.  



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