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Posted on September 06 2022

We are currently in the midst of the summer and fall seasons, and as each day passes, the temperature gradually decreases and the weather becomes drier and drier. Every change of season is the time when skin problems are most likely to occur, especially in cute little babies. The recurrence of dry skin, eczema, redness and other problems in babies makes most parents suffer.

Compared to adults, babies' skin is more delicate. Because their stratum corneum is not fully developed, its thickness is only about one-third of that of adults, and the surface is rich in blood vessels but lacking in elasticity, plus the dry and cold weather slows down the baby's own metabolism and reduces the secretion of sebaceous glands, so the delicate skin is easily damaged.

How to select baby lotion and whether using baby lotion is effective is the topic we want to discuss.

Table of content:

  • Do I need to buy baby lotion?
  • The four types of baby lotions
  • How to buy baby lotion?
  • When to use baby lotion?


Do I need to buy baby lotion?

Baby lotion is not a necessity, but we recommend purchasing it.

Many parents feel that children have delicate skin and it is best to use less or no skin care products, but this is actually not entirely correct. Children's skin and subcutaneous tissues are thin and tender, and their ability to adapt to the external environment is poor. Especially in the dry fall and winter and windy spring, babies' skin can easily become dry and itchy, and if not handled properly, they can easily develop eczema. (Eczema is an inflammatory skin reaction with a pronounced tendency to exude caused by a variety of internal and external factors, affecting about 20% of infants and children, mostly on the baby's head and face.) While baby lotions can help improve dry skin, a well-chosen, baby-friendly emollient can also act as a barrier to irritants, while having mild anti-inflammatory properties.

The four types of baby lotions

Depending on the consistency, emollients can be divided into four types: lotions, creams, gels and ointments. So, how do we choose?

In fact, there is no difference in the effectiveness and safety of the four types of emollients for infants, so we do not need to bother with the form of emollients to use. Of course, we can choose different types of emollients depending on the severity of your baby's dry skin and different seasons. Simple empirical selection tips:

1. Dry face:

Summer: use lotion or gel type
Autumn and winter: use creams or ointments

2. Dryness of the whole body:

Use lotions that are easy to apply, and can be used in combination with gels or baby creams on different body parts


How to buy baby lotion?

The way most parents shop for baby lotion for their babies is simple. There are only two ways, one is to look at sales and the baby lotions produced by the big brands, and the other way is to seek advice from parents or elders who are experienced. These two methods do work, but they are not suitable for every baby. All baby lifestyle products deserve careful research, especially wholesale baby clothes that can be in long-term contact with your baby.

To choose a suitable baby lotion, we can start with three aspects:


There are many types of ingredients in baby lotions in general. However, babies' skin is naturally sensitive and delicate, so try to choose a baby lotion that does not contain risky ingredients. Secondly, baby lotions usually contain some oily substances and it is recommended to choose vegetable oils and avoid mineral oils as much as possible.

When selecting baby lotion, be sure to look at the ingredients list for the following five ingredients.
1. ethanol-free ethanol is available as a solvent in cosmetics. Long-term use of products containing ethanol, the skin will be dry and rough.

2. Fragrance-free fragrance is common in cosmetics, but is also one of the most important allergens for babies. Newborn babies have thin skin, weak resistance and are prone to allergies, so parents should try to avoid fragrance ingredients when choosing baby lotion.

3. No or less preservatives. Some preservatives can be absorbed by the skin and may have an effect on the baby's skin.


Some baby body lotions may add some fragrance flavoring, such as lavender flavored lotion can help soothe the baby and help the baby sleep better.

But if your baby's skin is sensitive, try to choose a body lotion that doesn't smell harsh and fragrance-free, because a harsh scent may contain alcohol, fragrance and other irritating ingredients. fragrance-free products are more suitable for babies with sensitive skin.


Before using it on babies, parents should try it once by applying it themselves to choose an easy-to-apply, refreshing and non-greasy body lotion for their babies.
It is best to conduct an allergy test when using it on your child for the first time. Apply a small amount behind the ear or locally to observe if allergies occur. After allergies occur, stop using it immediately, wash with saline and apply wet compresses to calm the skin, and the allergies will subside after about twenty minutes of discontinuation.


When to use baby lotion?

The best time to apply moisturizer is when your baby's skin is still moist after a bath. This will retain the moisture from the bath into the baby's skin and effectively prevent the baby's skin from drying out.

Parents need to be reminded that too frequent bathing of the baby will instead reduce the natural oils on the baby's skin, making the baby's skin even drier. Therefore, parents also need to pay attention to not too frequent to the baby bath, for 1-year-old baby, the number of times a week the whole body bath is best not more than 3 times, but every day can be easier to sweat parts of the baby, such as the face, neck, hands, groin and buttocks and other local cleaning.

In addition, many parents may like to frequently apply body lotion to their babies in the dry winter, which is also not right, too frequent application of body lotion will also stimulate the baby's skin, and even take away the moisture in the baby's skin. It is not necessary to apply it frequently, as long as the parents find that the baby's skin becomes a little dry and needs moisturizing.

It is also recommended that mothers consult their pediatrician before applying body lotion products to babies with skin problems, and do not apply lotions, creams or ointments to open wounds on babies' skin without consulting their pediatrician.



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