Top 14 Interesting Science Animation for Children

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Posted on August 01 2022

Whenever school takes a long break, children spend more time at home and parents start to worry. Cartoons are one of the best ways for parents to attract their children's attention. It can free parents from the distractions of coaxing children and doing chores.

However, the quality of cartoons varies. Is there a cartoon that will win your child's love and learn science at the same time? Quality cartoons are a good educational resource. We have selected 14 excellent science cartoons, there is always one suitable for your children, take a look.

Table of Content

  • The benefits of watching cartoons
  • General Science
  • Category Science

The benefits of watching cartoons

As long as parents are strict about the quality of the cartoons and control the time spent watching them, there are unexpected benefits to watching cartoons for children, and even taking advantage of them to help children develop.

  • Cartoons can help children learn about the world.
  • Cartoons can improve your child's concentration.
  • Cartoons can improve your baby's memory and thinking skills, but of course, this requires conscious parental involvement.

Even, parents and children can watch animated programs together. This is a good way of parent-child interaction, which is good for family harmony. In addition, to enhance family harmony, it is also a good choice to pick and wear mommy and me clothing to participate in activities with the child. For example, when the child finished watching the cartoon, parents can ask some questions to help him recall the plot. These questions may seem simple, but the interaction can stimulate the baby's brain, exercise his memory extraction ability, and over time memory will slowly strengthen. If your child is older and has the ability to organize language, you can let him retell the plot of the cartoon in his own words, and this process of thinking and expressing will greatly help your child's thinking skills progress.

General Science

As the name implies, comprehensive science is science knowledge that covers all aspects of life.

1.Sid the Science Kid

Suitable: 3 years old and above
Reason: The science class teacher highly recommends the science animation for younger children.

I really hate this animation, it is a science animation that can be watched by younger children. The main characters are all kindergarten children, and there is often rhythmic music interspersed in it, cute and reliable.
The most special thing about it is that the cartoon can follow the child's thinking, step by step, to unravel the answer to a question, with a clear process - providing thinking aids, such as "chart use, Internet search, scientific tools"; sharing thinking methods, such as "Observe-Contrast-Compare". The step-by-step process of expanding the boundaries of the problem and increasing the difficulty, all in a seemingly playful process, is really great.

2.Messy Goes to OKIDO 

Suitable: 3 years old and above
Reason: Whether it is the beauty of the picture, or the content of the fun, are very good.

BBC Children's Channel Cbeebies launched a preschool science enlightenment animation, is a combination of animation and live-action scenes.
In each episode, Messy the monster finds a problem in his life and goes on a series of adventures with his best friends, the "geometric" looking think-tank, on Fun Island. Together they use the scientific way to find the answer to the question, belonging to the classic question - adventure - answer story structure, simple and clear and not lack of vivid.

3.Peep and the Big Wide World 

Suitable: 3 years old and above
Reason: A humorous science story suitable for the younger age. 

This work is a classic, is for 3-6 years old children, cultivate the spirit of scientific exploration and curiosity and specially produced educational animation.
The main characters are three cute little animals: a yellow chicken, a blue duckling and a mockingbird. Every day they will look for interesting things together and explore the big world with humor. The animation involves a lot of general knowledge of physics and mathematics, providing preschoolers with a budding way to understand science and stimulate children's curiosity.

4.Magic school bus

Suitable: 5 years old and above
Reason: Children must see the classic science books and animation, highly recommended!

In 1994, the United States Scholastic Group will be the Magic school bus series of picture books adapted into animation. In view of the picture book itself set of storytelling, humor, science in one of the characteristics of the animation effect more skyrocketing, fascinating, it is difficult to stop watching.
In addition to the old animation of 1994, there is a new production of the magic school bus new adventure - "The Magic School Bus Rides Again". This time curly hair teacher rose to professor, to travel around the universe, so the class came to replace her sister curly hair teacher, she took a class of curious little guys to continue the magical adventure, very exciting, and the picture quality is touching, absolutely do not miss!

5. The Dr. Binocs Show

Suitable: 6 years old and above
Reason: The Dr. Binocs Show is a popular science program for science teachers.

This is a popular science material for teachers, and it has won the award of "Best Online Education & Tutoring Program". It is not a plot animation, but a direct answer to the question, by the animated characters to elaborate, combined with the animation screen, direct and clear.
The science content is very extensive, equivalent to the children's version of "100,000 questions". For example, the invention of lights, the origin of Christmas, the life cycle of frogs, what causes asthma, the birth of 0, what is the atom, etc., covering almost all subject areas.

6. The cat in the hat

Suitable: 6 years old and above
Reason: The science animation derived from the classic picture book.

This is an animated work adapted from the picture book. The animation style continues the picture book, the cute animals become more vivid and humorous, you can read together with the picture book.
In the animation, the cat in the hat is a jack-of-all-trades, he sings well and does magic tricks. 6-year-old Nick and Sally are his neighbors, and they always have some strange and weird questions, astronomy, geography, science experiments, like the little "100,000 questions" around us. In each episode, the cat in the hat will drive the magic car, help the children to go to the sky and earth, and even become big and small, to find the answers to questions around the world.


Suitable: 8 years old and above
Reason: The knowledge is fresh and close to the current life. 

It can say everything about the earth in a two or three minute animation: why the leaves are green, why the earth has deserts, why not all thunder sounds the same, dangerous mushrooms, why a shrimp is more expensive than a car ...... and so on, covering a wide range of topics.

Category Science

This kind of science animation is more focused on a certain field, do deep excavation, such as mechanical principles, wild animals, marine life, household appliances, human body, etc., each watch a child can get the corresponding enlightenment.

8.Go Jetters

Suitable: 3 years old and above
Reason: A very humorous geography enlightening animation.

The four young explorers and their unicorn assistants go to one country almost every episode, and in the battle of wits with the "master of trouble", they save the destroyed natural environment and famous monuments.
Each episode of the cartoon will summarize three fun trivia for children, from small to how to identify the location, to a place of species, vegetation, easy to understand, perfect for geography as a primer.

9. Blaze and the Monster Machines 

Suitable: 4 years old and above
Reason: Introductory science of machinery and general knowledge of physics.

The preschool animation on Nickelodeon introduces some general knowledge of mechanics, physics or mathematics, such as the strongest materials, buoyancy, trajectory, robotics and other concepts through the very cool adventure story of the main character and his giant truck.
The animated character also interacts with the audience in front of the screen, asking people to make choices or think for him, making it very engaging for children.

10.Bits and bob 

Suitable: 5 years old and above
Reason: The main character is a girl; the core of the creation is "STEAM" teaching method for children.

The BBC has joined hands with STEAM experts in Europe and the United States to create this animation for children, each episode of sister Bitz can lead brother Bob to solve problems together, seemingly small things, but all imply a scientific way of thinking.
It encourages children to solve their own discovery problems and makes them realize that many problems can be solved by using good scientific knowledge and appropriate tools, clear goals, good planning and division of labor.

11.Monkey Mechanic

Suitable: 3 years old and above
Reason: Very high quality STEM animation for younger ages.

Mr. Monkey has a car repair store and he acts like a little engineer to help the animals repair their vehicles.
In each episode, children can learn to count, recognize different vehicles, understand the internal structure of vehicles, and how to use drawings to analyze these vehicles and find the problem in just 5 minutes of animation. The common feature of STEM animation is to guide children to solve problems with their hands. This animation is produced by Super Simple and is a great choice as a starter material.

12.The Octonauts   

Suitable: 3 years old and above
Reason: The best science animation for children to understand marine life.

This BBC animation already has a lot of small fans, and now there is a series of books, stage plays, movies, and many peripheral toys, very suitable for parents and children to watch.
Because there is a famous oceanographer involved in the production, the animation of the popular science content is very secure, each episode to introduce a kind of marine life of the plot rhythm is also very good. I think the animation also has a dark line of career enlightenment, the octopus in the role of the fortress covers doctors, explorers, biologists, photographers, mechanical engineers, etc., children in the understanding of marine life, but also to understand the team division of labor and the duties of these occupations content.

13.Wild Kratts  

Suitable: 4 years old and above
Reason: An encyclopedia of wildlife.

The animation is adapted from the American live-action program "Kratts' Animal World", and the animated protagonists are also the original hosts, the two brothers Chris and Martin zoologists. In each episode, they and their scientist teammates go through an adventure of rescuing animals from crisis.
Animation to children each episode mainly show an animal, including animal characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the natural environment it faces and natural enemies, and in the observation of animal characteristics based on the use of animal DNA code to dig animal superpowers, thus using animal superpower suit transformation to rescue animals. The plot is exciting and worth watching.

14. The way things work

Suitable: 6 years old and above
Reason: Excellent science animation of mechanical principles.

This BBC classic science animation has been recommended by many people, and is based on the original classic science picture book. The author of the picture book is a famous writer, painter, architect and educator.
In the way of cartoons to tell the mechanical principles to do particularly well. Not only explain the basic principles, to name a few, but also the resulting practical operation, from trial and error, constantly adjust the program until the final success, very instructive. It allows children to discover that the tools that we use very conveniently in life are actually using the exact physical and mechanical principles, and that science is all around us.

As parents, we want to give our children the best of everything in this world. How to provide the best within the child's ability often becomes a problem for many parents. Fortunately, social progress and productivity have made this possible. We can pick up inexpensive children's clothing on wholesale kids clothes website, can easily access parenting knowledge, can provide children with richer entertainment activities and so on.

We hope these interesting science cartoons can help you and your children.



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