Newborn Gift Guide

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Posted on May 08 2022

What a happy thing it is to have a new life at home! In order to celebrate this joy, most people will send gifts to the newborn's family to express their congratulations and good intentions. When choosing gifts, I suggest choosing two gifts, one for the mother and one for the newborn. If you are going to visit your newborn and want to choose a suitable gift for him, this article can help you.

I believe many people will have such questions: How can we give a suitable and practical gift? We looked everywhere and sorted out this final newborn gift list.

Principle of gift giving

  • Practical.Choose daily necessities that can be used in daily life and try to avoid decorative items or things that can only be used once or twice.
  • Age range. It is best to use things that the baby can use between 6 months and 1 year old. The supplies for newborns are generally well prepared by mothers during pregnancy. The things that can be used only when they are 2 years old or older will take up space if they are stored at home for a long time, and they are likely to forget where to put them when they can be used, or the functional style is out of date. Some items that meet this period of time are also suitable to be given as a hundred day gift.
  • Repetition causes waste. Reduce the possibility of repetition of gifts and others and prevent waste. Such as milk bottles and newborn clothes.
  • Good quality. There are no quality and safety problems with gifts, because the baby's supplies are cautious and cautious.

Suggestions for newborn gift giving

  • Baby Care. Saliva towel is a good choice.
  • Baby clothes. We should not only pay attention to the season(It is best to wear it in the current season or the next season), but also pay attention to the age group(It is more appropriate to choose clothes with older months).
  • It is a safe choice to send gold jewelry, which is valuable and has good meaning.
  • If you want something new, you can give some unique and meaningful gifts. For example, cameras that can record beautiful moments, educational toys that can develop the baby's ability, and so on.
  • If you want to send a commemorative gift, you can choose to customize it. For example, printing the baby's name and birthday makes it more exclusive and ceremonial.
  • If you are giving gifts to people who are particularly close, you can make them yourself. For example, hand knitted sweaters are unique and full of heart.
  • If you don't know what to send, sending flowers is a good choice (but don't put flowers with newborns, because you don't know whether the baby is allergic to pollen).

Gift recommendation

For the baby

Newborn clothing

Visiting newborns and delivering clothes should be common options, especially some finely packaged newborn clothing gift boxes. However, this will not be a perfect gift. I suggest that if you want to buy clothes, it's best to buy clothes worn by your baby for about 6 months (66cm or 73cm), and the style corresponds to the season half a year after the date of birth. In addition to choosing products in larger sizes, we also need to avoid some products including gloves, foot covers, pillows and so on. For newborns, the tactile nerves on small hands and feet are an important source of their perception of the world. Increasing skin contact can promote the development of brain nerves. At the same time, newborns do not need pillows, because the physiological bending of the whole spine has not been formed at the earliest time. At this time, the head is in a straight state, so they cannot pillow, otherwise it may affect the normal formation of the child's spine.

Gift boxes made by many brands are for newborns of young months. Here are several gift boxes of sizes 73 and 80 in different seasons.


Sleeping bag

A good sleeping bag of high quality is a thoughtful and practical gift. Used from birth, sleeping bags can be used until the child is about 3 years old.


Supplementary tableware set

The baby usually starts to add supplementary food at about 6 months, so parents will not prepare supplementary food tableware so early. Recommend some practical complementary tableware sets. You can choose a bowl with a suction cup to prevent the baby from overturning; Choose silicone material, anti slip, anti scald and easy to hold.


Cloth book

Cloth book is an early education toy that can be used when a baby is born. The cloth book has a soft touch and can be used for the baby to grasp and tear, so as to exercise the fine movement of the little hand. The bright color helps to stimulate the baby's visual development. There is also a loud paper inside. Turning it will make a clatter to attract the baby's attention. It is made of polyester fiber, which is safe to chew and can not be decolorized after washing.


Soothing toys

The effect of soothing towel and soothing toy is similar to that of pacifier, and the period of use is longer than that of pacifier. Giving this little gift is to give the baby a gentle companion who is close to him. Before the baby is one year old, it is recommended to put a toy with a soothing towel under it. Usually put it on the bed where the mother sleeps, and the soothing towel will be stained with the smell of the mother. When the baby falls asleep, it can be fully close to the baby's face to create a sense of security. Choose materials that are safe, breathable and can't chew off hair. 

For Mom

When a child is born, it is not only the child that needs to be paid attention to most. Everyone's attention will often focus on the child, but the mother is the one who needs to be paid attention to most. Gifts for mom need to be what they want. For more than most mothers, shopping vouchers are a very practical gift. In addition, the parent-child photography suit is also a great gift.

I hope the above recommended gifts can give you more choices.



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