How to Wholesale Kids Clothes

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Posted on July 01 2022

For opening a children's clothing store how to buy goods is a big question. In the case of not understanding the children's clothing market, we can easily make a wrong judgment. Next, we start from the purchase channel and some buying skills to explore the appropriate business methods.

How to choose the purchase channel

Due to the now developed communication technology and logistics, many things we can choose to buy online, wholesale children's clothing is the same, more and more people choose to buy children's clothing online. Then for us, we need to choose the most suitable channel for their own purchase. But we have to be clear, whether you choose to buy online or offline are likely to encounter good goods and poor goods, nothing is foolproof. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of online and offline wholesale children's clothing can better help us make a choice.

 1 Time and transportation costs
  If wholesale clothing choose to go offline physical stores to pick up goods, you need to consider the cost of transportation and meals, round-trip travel and meals will increase our costs. And in the wholesale clothing market merchants are numerous, one by one selection takes a lot of time.
  The advantage of online wholesale children's clothing is that you can reduce the time cost of style selection and browse quickly and easily. However, we need to pay shipping costs and wait longer for the package.
 2 On-site visualization
  If you consider wholesale clothing online, you can directly see a wide variety of clothing and do not need to spend a lot of time in the selection of styles. But we don't know if the fabric of the product is of high quality and the color is true.
And in the physical store wholesale clothing we can intuitively touch the product and feel the quality of the clothes. Some stores even offer live model try-on activities that allow customers to better understand the style and quality of clothes.
 3 The choice of style
  Wholesale clothing online has many styles to choose from and is updated quickly, so it is especially advantageous in style selection. You can also use reviews, sales and other information to help you to buy goods.
  The physical wholesale market does not have as many clothing styles as online, but you can also find the right source, you just need to go from house to house.
 4 Price transparency is not good
  Wholesale clothing market prices are very opaque. The face of different customers will have different offers, the same clothes may be completely different from each seller offer. So consider going to the physical wholesale market to buy goods need to be carefully screened.
Online wholesale clothing prices are relatively transparent, so we can easily choose the lowest priced clothing by comparison. However, due to the fierce price competition, there will be many sellers who are second best.

In the long run, the physical and online wholesale clothing industry will not be completely replaced by each other, they will certainly coexist for a long time. Online shopping provides a convenient and fast transaction environment, and offline brick-and-mortar stores provide an intuitive feel of the products. We need to choose according to our own situation, or even consider using both online and offline two different ways to buy goods.

Different seasons of children's clothing stocking tips

Many people do not understand the laws of the market in the case of blind stocking leads to the wrong time, there is not enough stocking when the peak season comes, the off-season to the inventory and full of the situation. It is important to know that clothing sales are seasonal, and the clothing industry has a low season. What are the skills we have in different seasons to get the goods?

In terms of children's clothing, the best sales in the spring are backpacks, single tops and casual jackets, long sleeves are still in demand. March is the time for spring and winter. In April is the children's spring sales season, the weather is mild, moderate warm and cold, spring sales in. May is the spring and summer season alternation time, the weather temperature gradually hot, spring clothes off the market, summer clothes began to market.

Summer sales period is relatively long, from the beginning of March to take the goods have been able to sell to September. The main goods sold at this time are undershirts, short sleeves, shorts, skirts, etc.! For newcomers, this time the principle of stocking is: less to take more to make up, diligent into fast sales! This time summer clothes to seize clearance processing.

 Autumn clothes are not suitable for a large number of stocking, because the spring clothes can still be worn. This is a good time to sell loungewear, jackets, windbreakers, sweatshirts, bottoms. September is the summer and autumn season change time, the weather began to cool down, the temperature difference between day and night, windy. October is the autumn sales season, when the temperature is moderate, the temperature difference between day and night, autumn clothing sales, moderate prices, moderate profits. November is the children's clothing autumn and winter smooth transition season, the temperature is gradually reduced, autumn clothing off the market, winter clothing steadily listed. Winter clothes are listed one after another, the price is high, the profit is big.

Winter main cotton clothes, down jackets, cotton pants and cotton shoes. December is the children's winter clothing fully listed season, when the weather is cold, winter clothing selling price is high, profits, with promotions during the holidays to enhance the winter clothing turnover. With the gradual reduction in temperature, winter clothing is still selling well.



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