How to choose the right clothes for children in summer?

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Posted on May 27 2022

As the temperature gradually rises, summer is approaching. Every change of season is a good time to buy new clothes for our children. But picking the right clothes can be a difficult task for many parents. How do we pick the right summer clothes for our children? If you are troubled by this, this article will help you.

  • Three functions of children's clothing in summer
  • Three principles of summer baby dressing
  • Summer children's clothing recommended

Three functions of children's clothing in summer

When choosing summer clothes for children, we need to consider three functions comprehensively according to the characteristics of the season: protection from heat, mosquitoes and sunlight.

 Protection from heatstroke

Heat protection and coolness are the most basic requirements in summer. If you want to want to let your child in the hot summer wear cool and comfortable, then in the choice of clothing fabric is particularly important. It is recommended to choose breathable, sweat-absorbing, lightweight material. General silk, cotton, linen and other natural fibers these fabrics are the best summer clothing. Cotton material clothing in line with the characteristics of breathable, sweat-absorbing, but usually thicker. Like linen, modal and other materials of clothing will be more light and thin for children to wear in the summer. In the choice of style, we can buy a loose version of the clothing, such as cuffs, pant legs where the larger, so that the breathability is better.


In addition to the summer to endure the torture of the heat, but also suffer the trouble of mosquito bites. How can we do mosquito prevention in clothing? First of all, when taking children outdoors, in order to avoid mosquito bites can give children choose light long-sleeved pants. This can cover the skin, for the isolation of mosquitoes have a certain effect. Secondly, in the choice of summer clothing when trying to choose light colors. Studies show that dark-colored clothing is more likely to attract mosquitoes. Wearing good sweat-absorbing socks can not only effectively reduce skin moisture can also cover the smell, the same can also play a role in mosquito prevention.

Sun Protection

As summer approaches and UV rays become more intense, it's important to pay attention to sun protection when going outside. After all, UV rays can cause damage to your child's skin and eyes. Sun hat, sunscreen clothing and other clothing can be prepared for children on. Sun hat to choose to cover to the cheeks, ears and the back of the neck of the wide brimmed hat, so as to avoid the child's eyes and face to be sunburned. When choosing sunscreen clothing, pay attention to the breathable performance. A lot of sunscreens look light and thin, but after wearing them, they are not breathable and are rather stuffy.

Three principles of summer baby dressing

First, choose cotton clothing

The most important thing is to buy clothes for children is comfortable, wearing uncomfortable clothes is definitely not a good choice. Comfort is mainly expressed in two aspects, on the one hand, the material, on the other hand, the pattern of the clothes, both of which reflect the different needs of children's clothing in the process of use. In summer, the weather is hot, the child's clothes must be breathable, otherwise it is easy to suffocate and lead to long heat rash. For children who are more athletic, we can choose fabrics that are elastic, sweat-absorbent and breathable. It is recommended to choose a loose fitting version of clothing that will allow the child to move freely.

Second, avoid too exposed

For babies with delicate skin, avoid wearing clothes that are too exposed in the sun, because the melanin cells in their skin used to block ultraviolet rays are not developed enough to cause some damage to their skin. When going out, children who wear too revealing clothing for a long time may get a tan and sunburn, making the skin rough and even red, painful, swollen and photoallergic and other skin diseases. In case of unbearably hot weather, it is also best for the baby to wear an undershirt.

Three, change clothes regularly

Children's sweat gland secretion is very strong plus they like to exercise, if the sweat wet clothes are not replaced in time, in the hot summer can also cause a cold. Therefore, children's clothing, sheets and pillowcases should be washed and changed regularly, as long as they are soiled by sweat stains should be changed to avoid dermatitis and other skin diseases. In addition, many children are prone to drooling, so they should also pay more attention to changing their clothes regularly.

Summer children's clothing recommended


  • Choose loose and comfortable clothing, the child is more comfortable to move around.
  • Pants should preferably be below the knee in length to be able to protect the knees.
  • Avoid strappy pants and jumpsuits. It will be more difficult for children to put on and take off on their own in kindergarten.
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes, which not only are not good for heat dissipation, but also interfere with your child's activities.
  • Avoid hoodies with strings, clothes with sequins, beads and other decorations. There are certain dangers.
  • If outdoor activities, do not give the child wear shorts or long skirts, not convenient activities, long skirts if stepped on also easy to fall bruises.

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  • For children under the age of 6, the choice of summer sandals, it is best to choose those that can wrap around the toes and heels. Such shoes can protect the child's feet and can avoid injuries during the activity.
  • Children with a lot of activity, or kindergarten need to take physical education classes, you can also give your child the choice of large mesh breathable good sports shoes.
  • The size of the shoe should fit the foot and avoid being too big or cramped.
  • Avoid flip-flops, holey shoes, etc. Such shoes are not suitable for children to wear, especially when playing sports, they are easy to fall down.

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