How to Choose Safe Clothes for Children?

Written by TsangShireen


Posted on June 18 2022

Perhaps you have also heard these views, such as: 'children are still small, growing body stage, clothes will soon be inappropriate, buy cheap is good' 'children's clothing need to choose bright colors to look good' and so on. Such views are not wrong, but ignore the fact that almost all the children's clothing on the market have certain safety risks. Clothing safety and our health is closely related. For small children, especially infants and toddlers aged 0-3 years, they have no ability to distinguish and self-care, the body is not fully developed, poor resistance, clothing safety in the purchase of clothing accounted for the proportion of consideration, compared to adults to be much larger.

Comprehensive view, children's clothing safety accident causes are mainly divided into three categories: chemical poisoning; clothing design and workmanship defects, physical damage to the child; clothing accessories design defects, causing asphyxiation, etc.. So as an ordinary consumer, how should we pick safe and secure clothing for our children?

  • Chemical substances
  • Children's clothing accessories
  • Children's clothing styles

Chemical substances

Some businesses will clothing add excessive formaldehyde, whitening agents, dyes, fluorescents and other chemicals, just to make poor quality clothing look no different from qualified clothing. Children's clothing with excessive chemicals can cause harm to the child. Light will cause the baby's skin itching, rash acne and a series of allergy symptoms; serious harmful substances will be through the respiratory tract, skin penetration of the way to invade the baby's internal organs and immune function, triggering nausea and vomiting, weakness and other symptoms. Among the several substances mentioned earlier, formaldehyde is the most serious problem of excessive standards. Formaldehyde can enter the body through diet, breathing or skin contact. Long-term intake of formaldehyde at low concentrations can be very harmful to children, and these injuries are difficult for us to detect. And children's skin is delicate, the respiratory tract is not well developed, so parents pick clothes for babies, must be careful!

Children's clothing accessories

Children's clothing commonly used accessories generally include lining, interlining, wadding, sewing thread, buttons, zippers, cords, lace and so on. Children's clothing should be mainly practical, simple design and avoid too much decoration. Some decorations even carry fatal risks! When buying children's clothing try to avoid hoodie tops with drawstrings. Long pull cords may lead to the child is the elevator, transportation or slide and other playground facilities on the protrusions, gaps, entangled, caught, most likely to cause injury to the child, or even suffocation death. From a safety point of view, try not to buy children's clothing with drawstrings or drawstrings too long, fixed in the waist of the rope belt out of length can not exceed 36 cm. If you want to buy this type of clothing, remember to remove the drawstring completely or cut it to the right length before giving it to your child to wear. The zippers of clothes usually cut and pinch children, so zippered pants are not designed to be worn by boys under the age of five. For young boys, it would be safer to avoid zippered pants and choose ones with bonded button plackets, false plackets or elastic waistbands. In addition, some children's clothing tends to have a lot of decorations, such as buttons, sequins, rivets, and small beads. These colorful small parts are easy to arouse the child's strong interest, because the adhesion of the decorations is weak, as long as a little pulling will fall off, many children will be these decorations key to play and can not help but send to the mouth, so there is often the phenomenon of accidental ingestion, accidental swallowing of foreign objects. Therefore, I recommend that young children choose simple and generous style, less decorative clothing.

Children's clothing styles

As children have different activities and physical characteristics at different stages, the design of children's clothing at different stages also differs. Children's growth period includes three stages: infancy, toddler and school boy, and the production of clothing should be based on the specific stage in which the child lives. Combined with the characteristics of children in infancy, the production of baby clothes need to consider whether the collar, sleeves and other parts of the loose, the style should be easy to put on and take off. The design of clothing in early childhood should take into account the child's protruding abdomen; the design of clothing for schoolchildren should be convenient for the child to be able to put on and take off alone, and the pants should be loose, tightened at the legs and sewn with pockets so that it is convenient for the child's daily activities. Choosing the right style for children will allow them to move around more comfortably and comfortably.



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