How to Choose Children's Clothing

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Posted on June 02 2022

It's time for another seasonal change, and I'm sure many parents have already started shopping for clothing for their children. How do we choose children's clothing? How about something that is safe and comfortable for your child to wear? We tend to produce children's clothing according to more stringent standards. When buying children's clothing, we need to consider many things.

  • How to choose fabrics?
  • Children's clothing shopping advice
  • Children's clothing recommendations

How to choose fabrics?

1. The right fabric is very important for children's clothing. Influenced by the child's lively and active nature, the choice of fabric on the soft, comfortable, light, strong, washable has high requirements. Especially in recent years, children's clothing towards the development of leisure, but also the need for sweat-absorbing, breathable, irritating small soft fabrics. And cotton clothing with its comfortable, sweat-absorbing and other advantages, beneficial to the physical and mental health of children, has become the main fabric for children's clothing. Second, hemp, silk, pure wool and other natural materials are also good children's clothing production materials.
2. Parents know that children's clothing is best to pick the material of pure cotton. But cotton is also divided into many types, taking into account the needs of moisture absorption, perspiration, breathable, usually use a gram of 180g/m2 single-sided woven fabric, feel thinner, more suitable for summer. And winter wear underwear, the use of double-sided woven fabric, thicker, warm, moisture wicking function is also very good.
3. Cotton identification method: from the sewing head of the clothes inside cut a small piece of cloth down or draw a line, lit with a lighter, if the burning is white ash and no hard lumps, is all cotton; if there are black lumps clothes contain other ingredients. There is a relatively simple way to look at the washing label of the clothes. Washing label on the fabric composition is generally accurate.

Children's clothing shopping advice

1. Pick the right size: the most important thing about online shopping for children's clothing is the size issue. Because you can't try it on, you must confirm the size to avoid the trouble caused by the unsuitable size after receiving the clothes. In order to avoid wasting money, we should bring our own soft ruler before going online to measure the chest circumference, coat length, sleeve length and trouser length of the appropriate clothes for the child to wear, and then decide on the size of the clothes. Cotton fabric clothing tops can be chosen slightly larger than one size, so you can wear it for a long time; but pants can not be chosen too long, to be just right. In general, children's head accounts for 20% of the total height, body height accounts for 80% of the total height. Therefore, when choosing clothing for children, usually take the body height as the standard. 
2. Pay attention to the fabric, color and style: baby's skin are more delicate and easily hurt, so the most important thing when buying children's clothing is still safety. When shopping online, look carefully at the product pictures and read the product descriptions about the clothing material and some details of the description. Children's clothing fabric material need not be overly concerned about the senior, sophisticated, but must be comfortable.

  • The choice of fabric: chemical fiber fabrics, although very thin, but it is breathable weak, in addition, chemical fiber is a chemical product, is likely to cause allergic reactions to the skin. Therefore, when purchasing clothes for children, be sure to insist on buying breathable, heat dissipating, moisture absorbing cotton fabrics.
  • The choice of color: dark colors are less reflective and heat-absorbing, and light colors are more reflective and less heat-absorbing. So in the summer should try to choose light-colored clothes.
  • The choice of style: children's clothes within 1 year old, it is best not to nail metal buckles, so as not to scratch the child's skin when wearing and taking off. Children's clothing to square neckline, round neck, small pointed collar is good. It is best to open the lapels in front, buttons should not be more, easy for children to wear themselves. Choose a loose dress, so as to wear comfortable while also playing a breathable and cool role.

3. Children's clothing to buy home, before wearing need to fully rinse with water, do not wait to put on new clothes for children. Because formaldehyde is easily dissolved in water, more washing can effectively reduce the harmful ingredients in clothing.

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