How to Buy the First Bras for 10 Years Old Girls?

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Posted on August 02 2022

A girl has to go through many milestones in her life, having her first bra, her first menses, her first love, etc. These should not become embarrassing memories.

Guiding girls to correctly understand breast development and helping her choose the right bra is very important for their physical and mental development. So, the first bra, when to choose and how to choose it?

Table of content:

  • How to face breast development?
  • When to buy your first bra?
  • How to buy the first bra?

How to face breast development?

The arrival of puberty and augmented breasts make girls feel very mixed emotions. Some girls are particularly eager, just like looking forward to their birthday and first kiss. And some girls are so disgusted that they spend the whole day with their breasts hunched over and depressed. But most girls have mixed feelings, they are not sure why they should have them and what to do with them.
They are just two piles of flesh, but they get a lot of attention. As a girl grows and goes through puberty, breasts seem to tell people - the girl is no longer a teenager, but has entered a whole new phase of her life. In modern aesthetics, full breasts are considered beautiful, so some girls worry that their breasts are too small or too slow to develop. And girls with large breasts may not be too happy either, as this can attract unwanted attention.

As parents, we need to guide our children to see things in the right way. At this time, parents can tell their children:

Beauty isn't determined by the same cup size. There are all kinds of breast sizes and shapes in the world that are equally beautiful. And breasts aren't just for looks. The reason girls have breasts is to play an important role in the later stages of their lives.
One day, when you grow up and have a baby, breasts are able to provide breast milk to your child. Breast milk is the best food for babies. Whether your breasts are large or small, they are able to provide enough breast milk to feed your baby.

Usually, girls who have just entered puberty shy away from talking about the topic of bras. This requires parents to be more attentive and help their daughters accept their changes by using standard language and talking honestly, which there is nothing to be ashamed of. Parents need to help their children and assess whether they need a bra or not. Self-assessment questions for girls:

1. In the gym, locker room, do you feel embarrassed because you don't have a bra? 
2. Are all your friends wearing bras? 
3. Are you developing faster than your friends? 
4. Do you feel it's time for you to have a bra, which your friends are already wearing? But from the physical condition, it seems that you don't need one yet? 
5. You have been wondering how to get your mom to buy a bra for yourself?

If your daughter answers "yes" more than "no", then she is ready and it is time for us to buy her a bra.

When to buy your first bra?

A survey was once conducted on Facebook, and of those who participated.

  • 68% thought 10-13 years old was more appropriate
  • 18% thought 7-10 was more appropriate
  • 11% thought it should be 13-16 years old
  • Another 3% thought that it was appropriate for girls to wear bras after the age of 16.

In fact, breast development begins as early as age 8 and continues no later than age 13. The earliest development begins in early adolescence, and girls' breasts continue to grow into their late teens and even early twenties. Some girls' breasts develop slowly, while others develop rapidly. It is possible that a girl may suddenly develop rapidly at the age of eight or nine, or that a girl may not even think her breasts will ever develop again.

Therefore, parents need to make a judgment based on their child's own development. What we need more than anything else is to learn about the body with the child before buying a bra. Children's bras are a part of children's clothing and we can also find related products at wholesale kids clothes website.

How to buy the first bra?

It is necessary to choose a comfortable and suitable bra for teenage girls. So how should the first bra be chosen?

We need to start by understanding the bra size.

Bra size is determined by two parts: the bra circumference and the cups. The bust or elastic is represented by a number (32, 34, 36, etc.) and is the part of the bra that goes around the girl's chest and back. The cups are the part of the bra that holds the breasts and are represented by letters (A, B, C, etc.). Bras come in many sizes, consisting of different combinations of bust and cups - for example 32 A. Only by knowing the correct bust and cups can you be sure of the right size. Some bra manufacturers are now offering half sizes in addition to the regular cups to help girls get a better fit. It is only after measuring that we can understand what size bra to choose. So we also need to learn the correct measurement method.

There are so many types of bras on the market, which one is suitable for adolescent girls?

For girls whose breasts are just starting to develop, you can choose a girl's bra, that is, a bra undershirt, this "low-profile" bra will not make girls feel very embarrassed, and very comfortable to wear. Teenage bras must choose soft, simple elastic cotton fabric, do not choose fancy or lace bras.
When a girl's chest gets slightly larger, such as after measuring her chest size to A-cup or above, you can choose a soft cup bra without a steel ring. Many children's underwear brands have bras available in multiple stages to accommodate the characteristics of developing breasts in adolescent girls and provide more options for girls.
For girls whose breasts are developing, it is not recommended to choose a bra with a steel ring. A bra with a steel ring has a certain pressure on the chest and a force to support upwards, which may affect the girl's chest development, and the wearing experience will not be particularly comfortable. Unless the girl's chest is really big, reaching C cup or above, only consider choosing a bra with a steel ring, preferably with a soft steel ring to support the chest.
It is also good to choose a sports bra, which is a bra that can be worn by athletic women of any age. When a woman is exercising or working out, a sports bra can prevent her fully developed breasts from swaying around. Because sports bras are flatter at the cups, they are also great as a first bra for many girls. But not all sports bras are suitable for teenage girls, so girls should try on a few more and find the one they like. Girls have an innate pursuit of beauty, and wholesale girls clothes can provide good looking styles and excellent quality clothing.

Breasts are a sign that a girl is growing and becoming a woman. If you are concerned about your daughter's delayed breast development, you can also consult with your doctor.



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