How to Buy High Cost-performance Ratio Children's Clothing?

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Posted on June 23 2022

Children are the jewels of their parents' eyes. Since we have children, buying clothes for them has become a great pleasure for parents. There are so many reasons to buy all kinds of beautiful clothes for your baby, such as: the child is growing taller, last year's clothes can no longer be worn; the baby is easy to sweat, and sometimes will wet their pants; the clothes look so good, the child must look good in them, etc. However, parents continue to buy at the same time will find: although the children do need to change clothes, but if every piece of clothing to buy a high-profile brand price is unaffordable. So, is there any way to buy quality and cheap clothes?

  • How to choose children's clothing?
  • How to dress your child?
  • High cost-performance ratio children's clothing recommendations

How to choose children's clothing?

When buying children's clothing, we should always follow the principle of safety. Pay attention to the product details page of children's clothing and check the production label before you buy. In addition, the clothes for children to wear should try to avoid a lot of printed patterns. Because of the printing process, the clothes will use some harmful chemicals, which can seriously lead to skin allergies in children. But there is no necessary connection between safety and expensive. As long as we master the skill of picking the right selection of clothes and pick them with care, cheap clothes can be very comfortable for babies to wear.

With the rapid development of the Internet, online shopping is becoming more and more convenient. Because there is no need to rent a physical store, and labor costs are not as high as in a physical store, it is generally cheaper to use the internet to buy clothes. In addition to children's clothing retail stores on the Internet there are many good and inexpensive online children's clothing wholesalers, some of which do not set MOQ and support the act of buying in small quantities. Parents can usually do more comparisons in the major e-commerce platforms, take advantage of clearance discount activities, choose the right time to buy under the right channel can save a lot of money.

Because the baby's skin is more delicate and easily hurt, so before giving the baby new clothes, parents need to check carefully: cut the threads on the clothes, check the smoothness of the zipper and the decorations on the clothes, to avoid making these small and insignificant details become the culprit of harming the baby. It is important to note: all clothes for babies, no matter where they come from, must be carefully washed before we put them on our children. Many toxic substances can be dissolved in water, which can reduce the adverse effects on the child.

How to dress your child?

 How to dress your baby is a complex issue for many parents, wear more sweat for fear of heat, wear less for fear of catching a cold. Children's clothing is not only a matter of comfort and beauty, but also involves warmth. An internationally recognized method of dressing is the "Onion Method", which is applicable to all adults and children. The "onion method", as the name implies, means dressing like an onion in layers. Layers are added on top of each other. Generally the innermost layer can choose the sweat function of good clothing, the middle layer of clothing can choose to keep warm clothes, the outermost layer of clothing choose waterproof and windproof clothes. This kind of dressing can cope with weather changes, enough to keep warm at the same time easy to put on and take off, you can add or remove clothes according to the scene and temperature changes. Of course, in the hot summer is not so necessary to wear, a cool clothing will be able to meet the needs of the summer. Therefore, the onion dressing method is mainly used in the season of weather changes.

One thing to note: no matter how old the child is, he or she is especially prone to sweating. When returning indoors from a cold place outdoors or when the child is exercising a lot, make sure to check the sweating situation in time. It's too late to find out that your baby's underwear is soaked through so it's easy to get sick. It is recommended to add or remove clothes at the right time, and if your baby sweats a lot, you can also use sweat towels or wear underwear with "sweat wicking" function.

For newborns and babies within 1 year of age, one piece suits and fart suits are recommended, not separates (although some parents may find it more convenient to change diapers in separates). One-piece clothes and fart wraps can protect the baby's tummy no matter how active the baby is and will not catch a cold.

High cost-performance ratio children's clothing recommendations



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