Best Children Clothes of Summer 2022

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Posted on June 10 2022


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  • Best children's clothing recommendation of 2022 Summer

Fabric for children's wear

A piece of clothing, especially children's clothing, because the baby's skin is particularly delicate, so the fabric requirements of children's clothing should also be higher than adults. When we select children's clothing, we must master certain fabric knowledge in order to be more comfortable when making children's clothing purchases. Clothing fabrics can not only interpret the style and characteristics of clothing, but also directly affect the performance of the color and shape of clothing. High-quality children's clothing fabrics, in general, should have a comfortable, sweat-absorbing and breathable, drape, visual comfort, tactile softness and other characteristics. Fabric emphasis on soft and comfortable, most of the children's clothing is used combed cotton, polyester and other fabrics.
The needs of children of different ages for fabrics will also vary. Infant children's skin is delicate, so the fabric requirements of baby clothes soft, comfortable, with cotton woven fabrics in the flannel is most suitable. Fleece is soft to the touch, warm and non-irritating. Toddler activity, we can choose the fabric comfortable and easy for children to move fabrics, cotton and chemical fiber fabrics are good choices. When buying clothes for middle and older children, the focus will shift from fabric to style and color, and it is recommended to buy clothes with vivid and lively colors and simple styles.

Children's clothing style

Children are naturally active and playful. Loose and natural casual clothes should be used to facilitate children's games and sports. The size can be slightly larger. Too tight is not conducive to children's activities and growth, and too loose is not spiritual. Children aged 1-5 are characterized by large head, short neck and protruding belly drum, so the collar of clothes should be larger; At the later stage of early childhood, children love to run and jump. In order to facilitate children to learn to wear and take off by themselves, combination suits can be selected for upper and lower clothes. The clothing for school-age children aged 6-12 years should be more practical and practical. The clothing should be firm and solid with a little embellishment. The clothing that is commensurate with the skin color should be selected to avoid rough and hard fabrics. In addition, pay special attention to the safety problems caused by the rope belt, zipper, adhesive buckle and metal decorative parts when selecting the style. Accessories such as buttons, decorations and zippers shall be free of burrs, sharp edges and tips.

Color of children's clothing

The color of children's clothing is the first sensation for people. Under the same conditions of fabric workmanship, color and pattern have a great impact on children's physical and mental health. In fact, children will like colorful clothes, but they can't choose too bright colors. Try to choose pink, light blue, milky white, beige, etc. Because most of the fabric colors are dyed, and the dyes are irritating to the skin.
To choose the right color, we need to judge according to the child's body shape and skin color. If your child is large, you can choose cool or dark clothes, such as gray, black and blue, because dark colors can shrink; If the baby is thin and weak, we can choose some warm colors for her, such as green, beige, coffee, etc. these colors expand outward and give people a warm feeling. If the skin color is dark, high brightness and high purity clothes with bright colors should be preferred.

Best children's clothing recommendation of 2022 Summer





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