Best Baby Clothes of 2022

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Posted on April 22 2022

Are you struggling to pick out clothes for your newborn? If so, I am sure this article will help you.

As a new parent, I think you are happy, but you will also possess a lot of confusion in picking out baby items. When it comes to baby products costumes are unavoidable. What are the differences of newborn baby's clothing? How should we pick them? How should we dress the baby? We are troubled by this.

Because babies have tender skin and are not able to express their thoughts, we need to be extra careful in choosing clothes. There are many different kinds of baby clothes on the market, but not all of them are suitable for your baby, so we need to learn to choose the right one.

  • The right style
    • Practical baby products
    • Selection advice

        The right style

        1. Suitable for 0-3 months baby

        For 0-1M babies, 2-3 sets of clothes can be prepared. In the first month, babies grow fast and spend most of their time sleeping. Relatively speaking, they will not get dirty, but even if they do, the clothes they change will be washed immediately and there will not be enough clothes to wear. Recommend two kinds of clothes that are most suitable for newborns.

        The kimono top like monks robe: no collar, no buttons, diagonal lapel cross, in front of the chest with a few straps tied rope fixed. The newborn baby, the head and neck bones are not yet fully developed. It does not need to cover the head, easy to put on and take off the style has a great advantage, easy to change diapers. It is recommended to choose a version of the style, and fabric comfortable clothing.

        The other type is similar to the previous one, but the difference is that it has a wider leg design. It is a curved cut with two separate pieces and a press button, like the shape of a butterfly. Most of the "butterfly clothes" are lace-up designs, which can protect the newborn's neck; they can also adjust the size of the elasticity, suitable for different fat and thin babies. Its open leg cut is both breathable and slightly warm, so it is suitable for babies born in summer.

        2. Suitable for 3-6M babies

        We need to prepare about ten sets of clothes for the baby, considering that the baby will get the clothes dirty due to various situations. For example, the problem of baby spitting up. If you meet a baby who spits up frequently, you can only change clothes frequently. We have also selected two suitable styles for babies of this age.

        Coverall, also known as a jumpsuit or crawl suit, is the most suitable one for newborns and younger babies. coverall has different classifications. According to the length, they can be divided into long-sleeved and long pants (suitable for spring, autumn and winter), short-sleeved and long pants (suitable for spring, summer and autumn) and short-sleeved/sleeveless shorts (suitable for summer); according to the opening method, they can be divided into laced models, button models, zipper models (if you choose zipper models, make sure to look for up and down two-way zippers with anti-scratch lining inside) and pullover models (not suitable for younger babies); according to the opening direction, they can be divided into bias closure and center opening, etc.

        There are four advantages of this kind of clothing. The first to protect the baby's tummy, more warm (bias closure of the front chest has two layers of better warmth); secondly, the clothes do not move up and down, more snug and easy to move; and then easier to put on and take off; and finally no elastic band at the head of the pants, not strangled more comfortable for young babies. Its disadvantage is that there are too many buttons (in the selection of too many buttons can be avoided when the style), each time it takes a certain amount of time to put on the clothes.

        Another type of clothing because of the hem buttons can be wrapped around the buttocks called onesie. there are long-sleeved, short-sleeved, tank tops and other styles. It is advisable to pay attention to the neckline position when selecting, and choose a button or envelope design for the neckline. onesie can protect the baby's tummy from getting cold, and the button on the hem is convenient for diaper changing while preventing the diaper from slipping. However, most of these clothes are over the head style, so newborns should avoid choosing this style, it is suitable for babies over three months old.

        3. Suitable for babies from 6-18M

        At this time the baby is more active, they begin to crawl, begin to learn to walk, so we need to prepare more clothes for them. Some people may think "since babies grow fast, clothes are too small to wear is a waste, so we can not buy clothes for the baby to the big one?" I do not recommend this. Because the clothes that do not fit the baby will affect the baby's health. Size large clothes are not snug enough, poor warmth; they may also limit the baby's activities, which is not conducive to the baby's growth and development. For example, the sleeves and pants are too long, the baby's arms and legs can not be stretched out, the perception of the outside world will be reduced. In the crawling period or toddler period will let the baby's activities are hindered, thus affecting the development of gross motor, etc..

        In the face of these babies who are learning to crawl and walk, I recommend a split dress. As the name implies, the top and pants are separate. Separate clothing can reduce the restrictions on the baby, allowing the child to move freely. Secondly, the clothes and pants of a split costume can be combined at will and can be worn for a longer period of time. It also has obvious disadvantages. If the top is not a onesie, it is easy to show the baby's little tummy. Then for babies who need to change clothes frequently, separating tops and pants means more work. Finally, please pay attention to the elastic band of the pants to avoid strangling the child's skin.

        4. Suitable for babies over 18M

        In fact most children over eighteen months are mainly in separates.

        Practical baby products

        In addition to preparing clothes for the baby, we can also buy the following practical accessories.

        1. Wrap quilt.

        Very practical essential items, the newborn stage, the most convenient is to go out with the package quilt wrapped. You can choose one according to the baby's temperature at birth, and wrap it when you leave the hospital and go out for vaccinations, and you can also do the cover when you are at home.

        2. Socks and hats.

        In the case of high room temperature, there is no need to wear socks at home, increasing skin contact can promote the neurological development of the baby's brain. When you go out in autumn and winter, if you wear a cotton coat without feet, you can put socks on. However, be careful that the socks do not strangle the legs. It is recommended that you do not need to buy shoes until your baby can walk. Summer and winter go out can give the baby to wear a hat to meet the needs of sun protection or cold protection.

        3. Baby blankets.

        During the day when adults are more concerned, you can give your baby a thin quilt or blanket. But pay attention to real-time observation, do not use the blanket rolled baby, do not put soft cushions, pillows and other bedding in the bed, especially near the baby's face, so as not to affect the baby's breathing and danger because they can not move away. Also do not choose too heavy, easy to lose hair blankets and covers. The best choice of sleeping bag at night.

        4. Gauze bath towels.

        Gauze bath towels for babies after bathing, are generally cotton, soft, breathable, folded, in the spring and summer as a baby's thin cover is also very suitable.


        5. Sleeping bag.

        After the mothers fall asleep at night, they can not pay attention to the baby's movement in real time, or use the sleeping bag safe and secure. Of course, you can also use when sleeping during the day. The use of sleeping bags can provide more security to the baby, can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), to prevent the baby from kicking the quilt. There is no need to choose a sleep bag with separate legs for younger babies until they can roll over. More commonly used in the newborn stage are swaddle sleeping bags, surrender sleeping bags, undershirt sleeping bags, and one-piece sleeping bags.

        Selection advice

        1, clothing stitching should be less, the trademark is best on the outside.
        2, check the cuffs and pants do not have long threads, especially the coils, so as not to strangle the baby's fingers or toes.
        3, try to choose the style of lacing, the front or back of the buckle will choke the baby.
        4, color try to choose light color. One is less staining, the second is easy to find if there is wet, sweaty and so on.
        5, do not buy too many non-seasonal clothes, baby's growth rate is fast and individual differences, the size is not right is easy to waste.




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