2021 Best Selling Wholesale Newborn Apparel

Written by TsangShireen


Posted on March 13 2021

Spring is a season of life, and there is nothing more worthy of respect than life. In this season, we always pay attention to the wholesale newborn clothes. If we were to classify newborn clothing, it could be divided into cover-ups and tunics, or one-piece and separates, or lace-ups and button-ups. Since it is spring, we also need to consider the unpredictable weather. Although the temperature is much warmer than in winter, we can't anticipate sudden cold snaps. Therefore, when it comes to wholesale newborn clothes, in addition to the need to consider the style of clothes, we also need to take into account the weather. So, what are our best-selling styles of wholesale newborn clothes in the Spring?

Wholesale baby jumpsuits

Jumpsuits is one of the types of clothing available for babies. This type of clothing uses a one-piece design, and all you need to do to wear the clothes is to button or tie the straps. Jumpsuits are popular in Europe and the United States (Britain's Little Prince George also wore ~), and this style is suitable for children aged 0-2 years, favored by many mothers.

Advantages: Compared with separate clothes, jumpsuits can protect the baby's tummy from getting cold. At the same time, the jumpsuit style can facilitate parents to change diapers for their children. It is easy to change the diaper by opening the button under the crotch. In addition, it can avoid too tight to give the child a sense of constraint, making the baby more comfortable.

Disadvantages: You need to know the exact size when buying a jumpsuit. Too big or too small is not conducive to wear. Therefore, it will also have a shorter service life, especially the footwear jumpsuits. If the weather is colder and the jumpsuits is looser. Wearing a jumpsuits alone may make it easier for children to catch a cold.

Wholesale baby rompers

Fart coat is also called triangle jumpsuits , it is like a T-shirt with triangle underwear jumpsuits , there are long-sleeved and short-sleeved. Either way, the baby wears the calf is bare, so it is suitable to wear as underwear. This kind of clothing is very popular in Europe and the United States, basically every child has more than 10 pieces of fart clothing.

Advantages: The best advantage of a fart wrap is that it can hold the diaper. Babies are often held by adults, so it is common for diapers to slip off, but this is much less likely with a fart wrap. In addition, because of the snug fit, the baby's belly will be better kept warm than a normal jumpsuits .

Disadvantages: The fart wrap needs to be worn over the head like a T-shirt. Parents need to lift the baby's head when they put it on, so it is not very convenient to put on and take off. The fart coat can only be worn as an underwear, you also need to wear another pair of pants.

Wholesale baby cardigans

Cardigans are one of the popular baby clothing items. Cardigans for newborns feature a placket that crosses over the chest, with one side of the placket resting on top of the other, giving a "y" effect. When you put on the baby's monk clothes, you can first lay the clothes flat, then put the baby on the clothes, first set the sleeves, and then tie the straps on it, simple and convenient.

Advantages: easy to put on and take off. The newborn's body is relatively soft, so when wearing a cardigan you only need to lift the baby's little hands. The straps can adjust the tightness of the clothes to a certain extent.

Disadvantages: some cardigans will be longer straps, entangling the baby and a higher risk factor, so parents should pay extra attention; split cardigans are easy to lift up to reveal the little baby's belly, so that the baby is cold.



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