Children's Wholesale Clothing Buying Guide

Written by TsangShireen


Posted on July 15 2022

Everyone who runs a business selling children's clothing is eager to learn more about wholesale children's clothing and wants to find products of good quality and at the right price. Nowadays, with the developed internet, we have a lot of access to information that brings the various supply and demand relationships closer together. Just search through the internet and then visit the site to find a good children's clothing wholesaler through comparison. Next, we introduce children's clothing sizes, purchasing channels and allocation ratios.

Size of Children's Clothing

Different brands will use different forms of size performance, a variety of sizes may make many people headache. We probably listed some of the more common yardage, for reference only, the specific to the actual prevail, because each brand's yardage will have small changes and gaps. Want to buy the right size suitable products, the best practice is to ask the business.
Infants: 66-99cm, small children 80-120cm, middle children 90-130cm, large children 120-165cm. There are also some are marked according to the international size, such as 5,7,9,11,13.

Purchase channel selection

There are two ways of wholesale clothing, online wholesale children's clothing websites as well as offline wholesale children's clothing markets. We can find information about what wholesale markets are available for children's clothing through the internet. Different buying channels have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are different wholesale markets in different areas. If we want a better choice of quality products, we can consider choosing the nearest wholesale market for children's clothing; if we want more styles and lower prices, we can choose wholesale children's clothing websites. In order to reduce business risks and increase revenue, we can take a combination of online and offline, and screen out 2-3 suitable partners in each of the two different purchase channels. Actively establish a good relationship with the merchant, more conducive to our fight for a good purchase price.

Allocation ratio

We have to do a good job of budget and store positioning before buying goods, such as what is the style of the store and how much budget can be accepted? Among them, reasonable planning budget is very important. Because go to the market many children's clothing stalls are particularly good-looking styles, coupled with the sales staff to sell, many consumers will be difficult to maintain sanity. Take the goods to do a good job of allotment ratio plan, according to the seasonal changes as well as their own sales situation to decide. If you do not pay attention to the proportion of the post-allocation, it is easy to cause operational problems, resulting in too much inventory and capital turnover, however. According to experience, girls' clothing sales will be higher than boys'. Therefore, when taking goods, you can appropriately take more girls' clothing, determine the proportion of the gender of the goods taken, specifically then divided into the proportion of tops, bottoms, skirts. The second distribution strategy is to divide according to the function of clothing. For example, stores need to have profit models, good style, the right price, usually 35%-45%; image models, good quality, beautiful style, especially eye-catching, can attract customers into the store, the price is slightly higher, accounting for 10%-15%; run models, is some of the more basic bottom, and the markup is not too high, the volume of styles, can also be considered the activity of models, accounting for 30%-40%.

The other is to pay attention to the law of taking goods. The wholesale market on the time than the retail sales of goods to be a quarter earlier, such as now in the summer then many stalls have started on the autumn models. And this time, is also the summer styles for promotional discounts, then this time can be appropriate to take the autumn models to ensure that the next quarter of the style novelty, in addition to the summer models more value can be appropriate amount of goods, because the summer is longer, may need to sell the goods or more, plus if there is a promotion, it is also more suitable for people who have just opened a store to try, the investment is not too big.



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